AITF's Puneet Mannan and Quinn Goretzky were the authors of the Alberta Real-Time Electricity Consumption Monitoring Study.
Participants in 285 Alberta homes were given a portable monitor to track and ultimately reduce their household electricity consumption.

A study by Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures (AITF) reveals that real-time monitoring of household electricity carries the promise of energy conservation in the near future.

The AITF study, launched in 2010, analysed electrical energy use in 285 homes selected at random in Edmonton and Calgary.

Each home was provided with a wireless monitor capable of real-time feedback on household electricity consumption. Participants were able to watch their electricity use rise and fall as lights and appliances were turned on or off.

Data collected during the one-year study was compared to household power consumption in two previous years. Participants also responded to three surveys, which provided insights into their behaviour and attitudes towards energy conservation.

An average nine per cent reduction in electricity consumption among the sample households was achieved during the study period. The AITF study authors concluded use of this type of technology by all eligible consumers in Edmonton and Calgary could result in savings equal to the one-year output of a 50 megawatt power plant.

The energy savings in Alberta were second only to those in Newfoundland and Labrador when the results from this study were compared with the results from similar studies across other jurisdictions in Canada.

The study was funded by the Alberta government. ENMAX and EPCOR offered in-kind and logistics support. AITF was chosen for its scientific expertise, rigour and objectivity, as well as its ability to manage relationships with multiple stakeholders concurrently.

The AITF study reveals that Albertans, given the right tools, willingly participate in conservation efforts. It also demonstrates the role and value AITF can play in encouraging technology innovations and applications in Alberta

The study will help inform regulators and utility companies as they plan energy conservation strategies in coming years.


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